Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

After a bone injury or after a hip, knie or shoulder replacement, the primary aim is to help regain as much musculoskeletal functionality as possible. The same is true after muscular diseases or after a spine surgery. This is where we step in – with targeted rehabilitation treatment.

As experts for so-called musculoskeletal rehabilitation, we offer our patients various types of therapy which train correct movements and help to build up the respective muscles. We also want to build up our patients’ confidence and help them feel safe so that they can enjoy engaging in everyday activities again without pain. Throughout the rehabilitation process, our interdisciplinary teams of professionals work hand in hand. Our treatment is based on approved standards and is always tailored to the individual needs and resources of the patient in question.

Our treatment options

We specialise on musculoskeletal rehabilitation for in-patients. Our focus is on problems with joints or the spinal column, on rheumatic or muscular diseases, and on post-operative rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery. Many of our patients have been diagnosed with multiple issues. Our professional team of doctors, therapists and nurses offer comprehensive medical care.

  • Medical examinations on arrival and departure
  • Medical treatment
  • Comprehensive 24/7 nursing care
  • In-house nutritionist
  • Specialised social worker
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Nutritional advice
  • Medical massage
  • Medical Training Therapy (MTT gym)
  • Pelvic floor therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Middendorf breath practices
  • Pain management and elimination of functional deficits.
  • To train abilities which will enable patients to live as independently as possible.
  • To improve nutritional status after hospitalisation or illness.
  • To restore everyday functions after an illness or accident.

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